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Minikit AQUALYTIC Test Kit Arsenic Test Kit
Checkit Comparator Comparator 2000+
AL10 AL15 SD 300 SD
AL250 AL400 AL450 AL800
Thermostatschrank Labor-Kuehlschrank
  • Rapid Tests
  • Comparator
  • Hand-Held Meters
  • Photometer
  • Turbidity
  • Temperer
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New pH Sensor – Available now牛牛打字高手小游戏在线玩


The advantages of this new sensor: the use of two ceramic diaphragms and a high-quality glass membrane ensure a 火拼牛牛游戏在线玩 even in ion-deficient samples (≥ 80 µS cm-1). The sensor covers a pH range from 0-14 and can be used in a temperature span from -5°C to +80°C.

The sensor design with gel electrolyte and plastic shaft facilitates low maintenance and universal use in industrial applications, waste water treatment and pools.

The previous sensor (Order code 721 330) will furthermore be available separately.

Do you have any questions left? Then please contact us via email to sales@. We are happy to support you.

New photometer: AL410 with Bluetooth®欢乐斗牛牛在线游戏是怎么玩的

We have expanded our photometer series with the AL410. The AL410 targets the analysis of wastewater, potable water and industrial water. It is equipped with Bluetooth斗牛牛小游戏在线玩 to enable data management and data exchange with your tablet or smartphone. The device interacts with our AQUALYTIC® AquaLX手机在线玩牛牛游戏 App. The app is free of charge and can be […]


New: BOD measurement system BD 600七彩连珠小游戏在线玩牛牛在线游戏

The BD 600 is our latest device for BOD measurement. The new device is designed specifically for use in laboratories and purification plants and enables automatic BOD measurement at customizable intervals (over 1 to 28 days). All result information can be continuously monitored on the large graphical display. Data can be transferred via USB (stick […]


Test Kits: long proven and reliable牛牛 同色相溶在线玩在线牛牛游戏

The AQUALYTIC® Test Kits for boiler, cooling and industrial water are specially compiled for fast, on-site testing. Equipped with colorimetric and titrimetric test methods, users are able to carry out both field and lab measurements quickly and easily. Cost-effective refill packs make this test method very economical. Each Test Kit contains all the necessary reagents […]


Instruction manuals: did you know that….牛牛小游戏在线玩

…. we have made all our instruction manuals available on our website? By using the search button in the download area, you can find the appropriate document for your kit or instrument. The search function works when entering the exact instrument name or the parameter being measured. Besides general notes on technical matters and functional […]